Frequently Asked Questions

What Airport do I fly into?

The apartment is about an hour's drive from Malaga and it is a straightforward drive on the motorway for the mostpart

There is an option to fly into Grenada but the flights are nowhere near as frequent from the UK

Do I need a car?

You will certainly need a car as there are so many places to visit and the apartment is located away from the major routes for public transport to be viable

Will I need to Speak Spanish?

Most young Spaniards learn to speak English in school these days so they will have a good idea of what you are saying or require. So you will be able to get by. However, some of the older townsfolk can only speak Spanish. We think It is a good idea therefore, to have at least a basic vocabulary of Spanish under your belt.

Does the Town have good facilities?

There are very good facilities in the town, just like most small towns in the UK.